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Information for producers and suppliers

The Sunnyline company conducts the activity consisting in distribution of electronic products and is specialised in three product areas:

  • Computer networks active equipment such as switches, routers, elements of wireless networks and products for building structural networks – data and telecommunication racks, wiring, accessories, etc.
  • Personal electronics internet tablets
  • Computer accessories and AV speakers, sound cards and DACs, AV wiring, power supply units, etc.

We sell the products of foreign brands on the basis of distribution agreements and products of own brands, purchased in OEM model.

We direct our offer to users through the following channels:

  • Computer and electronics shops’ networks
  • Reseller shops
  • E-shops
  • Broadliner distributors

and we also cooperate with many integrators and suppliers of Internet (ISP)

The retail customers are served by our commercial partners.

We conduct our sale from our registered office in Przezmierowo where we have an office building connected with high storage warehouse. The building has a ramp to unload sea containers. Closeness to the motorway provides us with convenient connection with the rest of the country and with our western neighbour (Germany). We send the goods by using the services of shipping companies (both courier and dedicated lorry transport) and we have our own delivery truck at our disposal, enabling us to deliver the goods in the nearest neighbourhood.

The sales successes are achieved thanks to the qualified team of traders supported by the departments of: marketing, pre-sale support and after-sale service. We conduct the sale through the Internet ordering system (SuZI), phone, e-mail and indirect meetings with customers.
We also have the abilities to conduct trainings for our commercial partners – in the company’s registered office we have the appropriate technical base or we organise the meetings outside the company’s office, in dedicated conference centres.

If you are a producer or an importer of products which are to be distributed by us, contact us at the e-mail address, giving us the initial information about your proposal. Please consider the following information:

  1. What model of cooperation do you suggest? (distribution or OEM)
  2. Production lines, including information about the target customer
  3. Who is your competitor on Polish and world markets?
  4. Trading terms and conditions (target, margin, exclusivity)
  5. Financial terms and conditions (form of payment)
  6. Marketing strategy (the planned operations, MDF)
  7. Way of servicing products

Thanks to the above information we would more easily determine whether we have a chance to conduct business together and consider the further steps.

If you believe you have an interesting proposal for us, contact us at: sourcing@sunnyline.pl