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Audio devices and accessories

Audio devices and accessories

ISK is Chinese producer of professional sound equipment. Their products can be found on market not only under ISK brand, but are also produced for famous audio brands known for uncompromising quality. ISK catalogue is divided into headphones, microphones, and accessories for both. The company have its own R&D laboratory, and professionals who work there ensure than new products and improvement to existing ones. We are ISK distributor since 2016.

ISK – official website: www.nbisk.cn


Audinst is a Korean brand which offers exclusively the sound devices, mainly DACs. For a long period of time the company was offering only one! device – DAC HUD-mx1. Currently, the offer of this company has been diversified by both more and less advanced devices. The company’s mission is to provide the devices enabling to receive HiFi sounds with a computer.

Audinst – official website: www.audinst.com


Audiotrak is a Korean company composed of people who love sound. Their aim is to create better and better solutions to process it. Sound cards, both external and internal, and DACs constitute the main part of the offer. Due to the digital revolution in the scope of playing the sound, Audiotrak brand became famous all over the world.

Audiotrak – official website: www.audiotrack.net


Digital box is a brand connected with broadly defined computer accessories. The brand’s portfolio constitutes both computer and AV wiring, notebooks’ power supplies, USB controllers and even mobile universal USB batteries – Powerbanks. The feature of all products is good quality combined with competitive price.

Digital box – official website: www.digitalbox.pl


Microlab is an enterprise specializing in the production of acoustic systems and computer circuits. The company was established in 1998 as a result of merger of two production companies – American International Microlab and Chinese Shenzhen Microlab Technology. From the very beginning, the new company’s priority was development, investigation and implementation of innovations within the creation of acoustic systems. The investments in continual development of own solutions and strict control of quality enables the enterprise to produce the best quality devices.

Microlab – official website: www.microlab.com


aim company was founded in 2013. It had previously been a division of Formosa21, which is a member of the FIC – Taiwanese manufacturer of computer and communications hardware, and a producer of consumer electronics. Along with these two companies since 1993 Aim successfully promoted many audio related products. Currently, the company offers a variety of multimedia and sound-related devices. Its key products are sound cards addressed to users looking for better sound quality.

aim – official website: www.aimpro21.com