Description of the system

Sunnyline Computer Products Poland Sp. z o.o. in the first quarter of 2013 implemented a new B2B sales system. The SuZI System (Sunnyline Zamówienia Internetowe – Sunnyline Internet Orders) is an automated centre of the orders service and it enables, among others, to order products without contacting the sales manager – what significantly speeds up the process of purchasing a given article. SuZI provides twenty-four-hour access to a comprehensive range of products from the IT sector, including their specifications and detailed descriptions. This system allows for the electronic orders service, control and tracing the status of a given order. Furthermore, the new system allows for an active preview of the planned deliveries and for setting personalised notices about the article in demand appearing in stock.

SuZI - Sunnyline Zamówienia InternetoweIn SuZI, each Customer will check the history of orders, invoices, settlements and the status of exhausting the trade credit. Furthermore, Customers will receive an access to detailed information about individual prices and availability of products. By using the new ordering system of the Sunnyline company, you will get an access to many interesting promotions, which are available only for registered users. Do not miss the opportunity and create your account in our system today.